Sun Lounges

Make the most of the good weather

Not to be confused with all glass conservatories, which (in general) are very warm in the summer and very cold in the winter our Sun Lounges are manufactured to the same high specifications as our other products - They just tend to contain a lot more glass in wall and roof areas!

Note; Design is key with Sun Lounges as we feel it is vital to take full advantage of whatever sunlight is available to the location of building and where possible position doors, windows & roof-lights accordingly.

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    We can either provide a pre-designed unit or design one for you from scratch to completely suit your needs as an individual, family, business person etc.

    The Process

    • Discuss the customer’s needs, visions for the project in question.
    • Assess the desired location of the unit for suitability, access etc.
    • If a pre-designed unit is suitable we can discuss prices at that stage, if not we can put together a provisional design and base a provisional cost on that.
    • If and when a cost & design agreement and all necessary paperwork are in place we can move on to the manufacturing process.
    • The manufacturing process and the finishing of the unit internally and externally takes place in our factory, we deliver the unit finished.
    • In most cases only basic site preparations are required prior to delivery, for example clearing / levelling of the required area and insertion of concrete support pads. We will discuss and agree all details relating to this at order stage.
    • We generally deliver the unit by van/jeep and small trailer or rigid flat-bed truck (depending on the size and weight of the unit). We will offload and lift in by crane or truck mounted lifting apparatus. Again this is dependent on the location of the unit, site access, overhead cables and other suitability factors we would have to take into consideration.
    • The connecting of external waste water pipes, water feed pipes, electrical feed, pavements etc. are the responsibility of the customer after the unit has been installed.

    What do we mean by finished?

    The outside of the building will be completed with your choice of architectural cladding, coloured render, dash plaster etc. All windows and doors will be installed, again to your choice of style & colour. If required on the building type fascias, soffits and rain water goods will be installed, roof cladding will also be installed. We also supply & install external lighting to suit the style of the unit.

    The inside of the building will be fully insulated (to a pre agreed specification), plasterboard will be installed and a skim coat finish is then applied and finally a neutral colour paint is applied. Electrical points (light fittings, sockets, switches and further requirements if pre-agreed are wired in and installed), if required pre agreed sanitary ware & plumbing will also be installed. We can even install floor coverings i.e. laminate flooring or tiles if required.